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Mailing List Strategies for Maximum Success
The Secrets of 3D Mail Success: 7 Real Life Case Studies
Five Crazy-Simple Strategies for Creating Compelling Offers
Here Are A Few Of The Things That You'll Discover Inside This FREE Book.
  • What a small business owner can learn from the 50-biggest direct mail companies in the world... And how you can emulate their fantastic results... - pg. viiii 
  • How to end income uncertainty that plagues and suffocates most business owners and what you can do it about it RIGHT NOW to end all the turmoil... - pg. x 
  • ​Five battle tested mailing list strategies you can use so you can have the most success with direct mail and ultimately make more money... - pg. 1  
  •  Where 40% of the direct mail game is won, and how you can (like a card counter at the black-jack table) "rig" it in your favor to win every time... - pg 2  
  •  The most valuable mailing list you can get your hands on, and it doesn't cost you a penny... - pg. 4  
  • ​The valuable gold-mine sitting right under most business owners noses. You won't believe how 97% of business owners don't see it... - pg. 6  
  • The dirty little secret behind the word's biggest direct mail companies like Harry & David, Omaha Steaks, Sharper Image and more... - pg. 7 
  • ​Where most marketers start their direct mail journey that you should avoid at all costs or risk going broke faster than you can blink... - pg. 8  
  • ​The two kinds of mailing lists available to every business owner (big or small) and how to know which one to choose for maximum results... - pg. 10  
  •  How to know exactly what you're getting when you order your first mailing list... - pg. 10-22  
  • ​It’s Not Enough To ‘Think’ You Know Your Customer. How to crawl into their head and know what they're really thinking, doing, and buying... - pg. 23  
  • Five crazy-simple strategies to create the most compelling offers for your product or service so you can have the most success with direct mail and ultimately make more money... - Pg. 26  
  • ​It's the biggest snowstorm of the year, it's February. You just got 19 inches of snow, and your direct mail piece is going to hit mailboxes that day… and it's Super Bowl Sunday, and your prospect's team is playing. What would you do?... - pg. 27  
  • ​When, where and why you NEED and irresistible offer (hint, it's easier than you think, don't over-think this one)... - pg. 28  
  • ​What "Madison Avenue" marketing can teach you (not much) and the special kind of advertising every small business MUST do to have a shot... - pg. 29  
  • The BIG IDEA you can learn from Columbia House Records (remember them?) to sky-rocket the results of your direct mail... - pg. 32 
  • The single-biggest thing two college kids did in 1965 that revolutionized an entire industry and how you can profit from this one big thing. Ignore this at your own peril... - Pg. 34  
  • The marketing strategy that a local accountant used to drive every national "name-brand" competitor within 10 miles out of business... - pg. 35  
  • The three questions you must ask (and answer correctly) about your business before you can expect anybody to ever pay attention to you... - pg. 36  
  • ​Nancy Kwan, Pearl Face Cream, and the powerful guarantee that created a fortune. You'll never think of guarantees the same way again... - pg. 41 
  •  How to master the art of testimonials: What your customers say about you is 1,000 times more persuasive than what you can say about you, even if you are 1,000 times more articulate and eloquent... - pg. 44  
  • ​The marketing secret you can learn from a tiny, hospital gift shop in Plains, MT. that will alter significantly the way you advertise... - pg. 46 
  • ​The five different kinds of testimonials, and the BEST ONE to use to dramatically increase the results of your direct mail, and, for that matter, ANY kind of marketing... pg. 47 
  • ​How to get and use testimonials, even if you've never sold anything or are just starting your business... - pg. 49 
  •  Four non-threatening ways to get testimonials from your customers without looking needy... - pg. 52 
  • The two essential elements of any direct response advertisement. If you don't have these two things you don't really have a direct response ad... - pg. 55 
  • ​The GIANT mistake the big-chain sandwich shop made and how you can avoid this deadly marketing sin... - pg. 56 
  •  How to completely remove "NO" from the equation when presenting an offer to your idea prospect... - pg. 57 
  • ​What Dr. Samuel Johnson said about marketing in 1759 that still holds true today, this one will make your head spin... - pg. 60 
  • The #1 challenge and obstacle every business owner and marketer must overcome when doing any kind of advertising, and how direct mail is the best fit to do it... - pg. 61 
  • ​How you can get "Super Bowl" sized marketing results without a "Super Bowl" sized marketing budget... - pg. 62 
  •  The #1 Thing 92% of people do every single day, and how you can own that space, with little or no competition... - pg. 63 
  • ​The little-know Gary Halbert secret that ensures your marketing message never falls on deaf ears... - pg. 64 
  • The direct mail strategy that your Grandma unwittingly taught you, and how you sky-rocket your results by using this one simple idea... - Pg. 65
  •  The advertising tactic that Dan Kennedy employs in just about every direct mail campaign he designs for himself and for his clients and why you'd be foolish not to do the exact same thing... - pg. 67 
  • ​Find out who said this about direct mail: "The return on your investment will be much, much higher than the cost, it almost always pays for itself..." - pg. 68 
  •  How You Can Get a 12:1 ROI By Targeting Inactive Clients. See how an auto repair shop used a boomerang to get a 12:1 ROI with his inactive clients... - pg. 74 
  • ​How to attract sophisticated buyers in a very heavily saturated industry... - pg. 83 
  • ​The Top Secret mailer a retail store owner used to generate over $80,000 in one weekend! If you have a brick-n-mortar business you have to use this strategy in your business immediately... - pg. 85 
  • ​How to attract sophisticated buyers in a very heavily saturated industry. "Every time I use 3D Mail, I make money." he says... - pg. 89
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When You Get The FREE Book You'll Unlock These Exclusive Video Trainings...
Mailing List Strategies for Maximum Success
The Secrets of 3D Mail Success: 7 Real Life Case Studies
Five Crazy-Simple Strategies for Creating Compelling Offers
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